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4 Tips to Be a Rockstar Real Estate Agent

Several misconceptions have surrounded the real estate industry since no one knows the real struggle behind those big bucks that a real estate agent makes. Most people think that an agent license, some business cards, and a few days are enough to become a rockstar real estate agent. However, getting a license never gives you that coveted rockstar status in the real estate industry. So, how do yo

u achieve that status? How can you be a rockstar?

Felix Peltier has been one of the pioneers of real estate across borders. Below, we will roll through some of the best tips to be a rockstar real estate agent from Felix.

1. Answer Your Phone and Return Emails (to Never Miss on Leads): Felix has been licensed in the UK and he has been helping people with properties for years now. There are times when he misses out on phone calls, but then the call goes to voicemail. According to industry-leading real estate agents, your responsiveness defines many things about you. Rockstar agents answer their phone calls every time and if they couldn’t due to some reason, they immediately call back.

Similarly, emails are of similar significance. You do not have to reply to every mail immediately but follow a routine. For instance, set a couple of hours in the morning after bed just for emails. Wake up super early and start sipping your coffee alongside working. Many agents miss out on several potential home buyers by not answering phone calls or returning emails.

2. Create a Killer Business Plan: A strong and effective business and marketing plan are essential when working in such a competitive industry. But remember- never stick to standard things that everyone else is doing. Start thinking outside the box. Proactively promote yourself on social media platforms. Grow your network as much as possible. Felix Peltier suggests you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Create a killer marketing plan once and it will work on all the listings. Make sure to target everything in that plan such as social media, online listings, traditional methods such as open houses or newspapers, and everything else as per your location.

3. Be Serious About Client Needs: Most agents already know that client needs are imperative to grow efficiently but many ignore minute client details. These don’t really impact your next project but a rockstar agent like Felix Peltier catches every single client need. For instance, someone looking for a house will explain what kind of house they want. And there will be a few details about the shape of the garden, swimming pool, or whatever. A good real estate agent will only get you a house that may have covered two or three major requirements in the house. However, a rockstar agent will bring you a house with a triangular garden if you wanted a triangular garden.

4. Treat Your Work Like Business: If you understand real estate well, it’s not about working for someone. It is about working on yourself. It’s about promoting yourself alongside your expertise, past success, and accolades. To be a rockstar, you have to start acting and looking like one. You need to spend money to rake in more cash. Treat yourself as a brand to become a reputable name in the real estate agency.

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