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How to Build Relationships With Clients as a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Being a real estate agent, whatever your clients feel about you is what you actually are in the industry. You depend on excellent testimonials to keep your business expanding. You need to satisfy clients with your best ability to get more clients. Potential clients should know that you can go above and beyond to meet their needs. While your service skills hold the first place, building better relationships with clients helps to establish a name in this highly competitive community. With years of industry experience, Felix Peltier is here with some amazing tips to help you build good relationships.

Keep Learning:

Client demands keep rising as the real estate industry grows. It may have been long since you’ve attended school. So upgrading your skills and knowledge is not only imperative to your career but it’s also helpful for clients as they start believing more in you. If you serve your new clients with the same old outdated methods, they will leave you for someone offering the best this industry has to offer. Get some courses or work under someone experienced such as Felix.

Communication :

Selling a car and selling a home are two entirely different things. You may not have the big clientele and you may have to spend days without seeing any of your clients. But that should not keep you from staying in touch with your clients. According to Felix Peltier, great relationships require regular communication. You should always be available to your clients with all their queries.

Be Honest:

In real estate, your word is of great significance to everyone, especially to your clients. Never break the promises you make even if the circumstances are difficult. There will be times when you may fall short from fulfilling a promise, but be the first one to discuss other ways with your clients of accomplishing it. Felix suggests that it’s not about making bold claims but it’s about being transparent to your clients. Nobody expects miracles but everyone appreciates the truth.

Be Resourceful to Your Clients:

Clients will always have queries and demands. Your job as a real estate agent should be to meet those demands by all means. Even if it’s not related to your job, helping your clients with other things takes you closer to them. Provide resources to your consumers whenever they need it. For example, suggest helpful blogs on real estate to improve their knowledge about the industry.

Be Thankful:

When you are done with a project, it’s always important to close things off on a positive note since your client may need your services again in the future. You can show your clients how thankful you are by dropping an email or giving a phone call or leaving a thank you note. If you want, you can also plan goodbye gifts for your clients to leave a lasting impression on them.


Felix Pelier has been observing the real estate industry for years now. Being a real estate acquisition agent, he has worked with a variety of clients that he always keeps above everything else. These tips can help you get closer to your clients and build a lasting relationship with them.

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