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Tips to Make Your Home Summer Ready

Summers are approaching and most of us might be thinking about family vacations,pool parties and sunbathing.Besides this,weather in certain locations is more extreme than others.Is your house summer ready is the real question amid this scorching summer season. Felix Peltier the reputed property developer has shared some tips to make your house summer ready:

Tune Up Your AC:

Before scorching summers arrive make sure that you check the air conditioner.You can replace the air filter or clean the external area including air conditioner unit and vents.Ensure that the AC gives proper cooling if it isn’t consult the HVAC professionals and get necessary repair from them.They would watch out for leaks or defects in your AC unit.

According to Felix Peltier save your electricity bill by installing a thermostat.Thermostat is a cost effective option and the AC would only run only when you want it to.

Change the Direction of Ceiling Fan:

Your ceiling fans must rotate in different directions according to the season.They must rotate clockwise to evenly distribute the risen heat.On the contrary,It must move counterclockwise when it’s hot outside.Change the direction of the ceiling fan by operating the black switch in your home.

Set Up Barrier For Bugs:

Summer is full of fun and sun but brings irritating bugs along with it.Handle these things on your own or ask the landlord to call the pest control service.Ensure that everything is sealed and suspect leaks in the house if any.Spray pesticides on the external regions of the house including baseboard,sinks,windows and doors.Ensure that everything is moved to safe place and the children and pets are away during the process of pest control.

Clean Refrigerator Coils:

Prevent your food from spoiling and make cold beverages by keeping the refrigerator in proper condition.Refrigerator coils have high-energy usage when they aren’t working properly.To make the most out of your refrigerator, clean your condensing coils.

Clean Your Gutters:

Do you remember the last time you checked the gutters in your home?Apart from the electrical appliances inspect gutters for blockage.Most individuals prefer staying within the house so gutters become clogged.According to Felix Peltier cleaning and maintaining the gutters is a complex task so professionals must be consulted in that case.Ensure that you wear hand gloves and a face mask while while repairing the gutters.

Pay Heed to the Exterior:

THe exterior region of the house is as crucial as the interior.If you suspect anything fishy on the roof chances are there that there is actually something wrong.If you are unable to climb your roof use a ladder to climb up or another way is to hire the professionals to perform these tasks.Check shingles in chimneys using a binoculars.

In Conclusion,Your home needs as much attention as possible so that you can live comfortably in the summer.Once the initial tasks are over you can enjoy the season in your way.If you are searching for a property developer in the UK and France consult Felix.

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